Work Finished on Prestigious Reservoir Project for Iggesund Paperboard Europe Company

In May this year we finished work on a prestigious project for Iggesund Paperboard Europe Company. Undertaken by TLC and our Nordweld sister company, the project involved the construction of a massive fresh water reservoir utilizing the unique Nordweld Tank Building System assembly technology as well as TLC steel stairs and platforms.

Remarkably, the project only took eight weeks to be completed. 

Reservoir technical parameters:

  • capacity 5000 m³
  • height of 25 meters
  • reservoir diameter 16,3 m²
  • total reservoir weight 91,000 kg, steel stairs 11,000 kg, platforms 3,500 kg.

It was the first major project that we have undertaken in cooperation with Nordweld Tank Building System AB, and proved to be a great success. It was a combination of a solid yet innovative reservoir project with an ultramodern construction based around safe and strong foundations.

Thanks to the close ties between TLC and NordWeld it was possible to proceed extremely quickly with the project, creating a reservoir with capacity of 5000 m³ in just eight weeks.