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Linea modular stairs
Modular stairs Linea




agnieszka gruszkowska kontakt

Agnieszka Gruszkowska
Product sales manager

Linea modular stairs – a project initiated by TLC engineers targeted at the industrial sector. The system complements the lines offered by us: Asta-created especially for the home, and Carla – spiral industrial stairs.

Linea industrial stairs are straight stairs that allow you to create communication inside or outside the building without the stage of creating individual project documentation. It allows you to significantly save time during the implementation of the order.

We offer a wide range of variants in our straight stair system. Thanks to this, they can be easily adapted to the needs of a given investment.

Certyfied manufacturer modular stairs

What are ready-made Linea straight modular stairs?

Modular stairs are a ready-made solution that allows you to create a communication route between the storeys of the building. The assembly of Linea industrial stairs is significantly simplified, therefore it does not require specialist knowledge and the presence of a team of professionals. The customer performs assembly based on bolted joints on his own.

External and internal modular stairs- application

We have been creating out of passion for the industry and construction sector for 16 years. The experience we gained has allowed us to thoroughly verify the needs of our customers. The Linea modular stair system is designed to facilitate and improve the process of creating communication inside and outside the building.

Straight industrial stairs can be used as:

  • Warehouse hall stairs
  • Production hall stairs
  • Logistics hall stairs
  • Machine park stairs
  • Factory stairs
  • Mezzanine stairs
  • Cold store stairs
  • Waste sorting plant stairs
  • Hangar stairs
  • Technical room stairs
  • Public place stairs
  • Stairs in the agricultural sector

TLC external stairs are weather-resistant because of galvanizing and powder coating. Thanks to this, the customer has a guarantee of their resistance and durability.

The system of straight stairs is also characterized by 5 available widths of the flight (800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200mm) and the possibility of selecting the range of steps from 2 to 18 (329-3583 mm)

Advantages of LINEA modular industrial stairs


modular technical stairs

Internal stairs

modular technical stairs

External stairs
ZN + RAL 7040

modular technical stairs


modular technical stairs

Max workload

modular technical stairs

according to
EN ISO 14122-3

modular technical stairs

Industrial stairs - standards

The Linea straight stair system meets the EN ISO 14122-3 standard. When providing solutions for the industry and construction sector, we pay special attention to the safety of users.

LINEA modular industrial stairs - price

Select the Linea modular stair system that will help you minimize investment costs and save your time. Download and quote straight industrial stairs. Our specialists will answer all your questions, contact us by phone or form.

LINEA modular industrial stairs - selected projects

How to assemble modular stairs?

Linea straight stairs are assembled according to the manual instructions. Assembly is based on bolted connections. When assembling Linea modular stairs, remember about a properly level concrete base, which will ensure safety of use.

Linea stair platforms can be assembled in two ways:

  • With support posts
  • With supports anchored to the wall


Assembly of the modular stair platform is possible in 6 variants:

  • A platform with a straight descent
  • A platform with a descent to the left side with supports
  • A platform with a descent to the right side, with supports
  • A platform with a descent to the left side with posts
  • A platform with a descent to the right side with posts
  • Without a platform

In addition, both external and internal stairs have an adjustable inclination angle of 33 °, 37 ° or 40 °. The Linea system is targeted at the industrial sector, therefore we offer two types of step filling:

  • Profiled grating
  • Welded grating

They have been created in accordance with the standards of the TLC company. They have a non-slip function, thanks to which they increase the safety of use. The system is equipped with a light industrial railing. For straight stairs, we have provided two options for assembly of an additional handrail: Handrail assmebled on the wall (instead of a railing) Internal handrail (additionally assembled to the railing to increase the comfort of use)




Profiled grating
Profiled grating
Welded grating
Welded grating


modular technical stairs
modular technical stairs
modular technical stairs
modular technical stairs
modular technical stairs

In the case of P, BP variants, it is possible to assemble a one-sided railing

modular technical stairs

* Variant LS is the mirror image of the PS variant

modular technical stairs

* Variant LS is the mirror image of the PS variant

** Variant LW is the mirror image of the PW variant

LINEA straight modular stairs - dimensions

Linea modular stairs are a simple solution for industry. Check the available dimensions of our steel stairs here or contact us! We will help you select the right parameters so that the implementation goes even faster. Choose comfort and safety of use.


The table below presents height and length of the stairs depending on the number of steps, angle and landing variant

  1. Choose the type of stairs from page 4 (P, BP, LS, LW, PS, PW ).
  2. Estimate the height of stairs you need, and then find the approximate value in the column “H”.
  3. Check the value in the column “L” that corresponds to the value from column “H” that you have chosen before. The “L” value is the length of the flight of stairs – check if it fits your area.
modular technical stairs


Additional properties:

Light industrial railing
Light industrial railing
Adjustable step angle 33°, 37° or 40°
Adjustable step angle 33°, 37° or 40°

Additional handgrips:

Wall handrail
Wall handrail
Internal handrail
Internal handrail


To ensure proper location and operation, stairs should be assembled on a level concrete base.


Correct leveling and assembly of Linea stairs guarantee safety of use, regardless of the selected useable width or the length of the platform.

Modular industrial stairs - why us?

TLC is a global manufacturer of steel stairs and platforms for the industry and construction sector, temporary construction safety systems and a system for the construction of large-size tanks. We have our own modern and automated production plant located in Poland. We combine Scandinavian experience with Polish production. Our modular industrial stairs are characterized by:

  • Light construction
  • Low cost of the project implementation
  • Simple assembly
  • High quality
  • Safe and stable steps – perforated high quality steel
  • Short implementation time

In the recent wave of complicated novelties, we focus on simplicity and ease of use.

Order our steel industrial stairs and join the group of satisfied customers. Do you need help? Write to us: or call +48 608 245 244 – we will help you configure the appropriate modular stairs.

Architect, designer - bimobject for you

Visit our profile at and download Linea parametric stairs files for Revit (BIM) software.

Revit is an innovative program designed for modeling building objects in BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology. It allows you to plan, design and build. As a result, the received data is also transferred for the needs of building operation.
Download the model of our modular stairs and increase the efficiency and precision of your projects.

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agnieszka gruszkowska kontakt

Agnieszka Gruszkowska
product sales manager