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Nordweld Innovative Tank Building Equipment


Innovative Tank Building Equipment

NORDWELD TANK BUILDING SYSTEM AB is part of the TLC Group. Nordweld company has developed an innovative equipment for fast and optimized steel tank erection process with a top down method. The system is modular and allows for continuous rotation and welding of tanks up to 50 meter in diameter and 700 tons in weight.

All welding and assembly processes of outer shell plates are made from one location – this helps to reduce costs when compared to traditional method. The tank building system is delivered in standard international transport container (20ft High Cube container).

30 years of experience and great technical knowledge in the field of tank construction industry are reflected in Nordweld solutions. All components are made from materials delivered by the best suppliers – steel used for Nordweld Tank Building System is ready to perform in even the most difficult weather conditions.

Nordweld TBS delivers the system directly to the construction site and guarantees consultancy services throughout the entire tank erection process. Our method combined with high product quality, guarantees faster and optimized building process.

Tank Erection – list of erection stages

  1. Place the annular and bottom plates at the foundation.
  2. Place the equipment at the bottom plates.
  3. Place the 1st course including the top ring.
  4. Assemble the roof construction.
  5. Lift the 1st course including the roof using lift jacks.
  6. Assemble the 2nd course at ground level from one location.
  7. Repeat the procedure until reaching the required height.

Transport and service

  • The system can be delivered to any part of the world. The components are packed in 20ft HC transport containers
  • Everything is done from the ground level and does not require much space
  • Tank building system allow welding both inside and outside the tank (incl. welding system to protect the welding station from weather conditions)
  • The tank is continuously rotating with speed regulated according to a chosen welding method (125-1500mm/ min.)
  • Available welding options: MIG/ MAG, TIG, PAW, EGW, SAW
  • Mechanized butt welding of horizontal joints
  • Mechanized grinding of joint surface (brushing)
  • Plates used as tank plating are fed in from one place with the help of crane
  • All Welding inspections can be made from one place and even on a few levels



  • All products are certified with Factory Production Control EN 1090 issued by TÜV SÜD
  • We use only high quality materials for production. They meet all necessary international safety requirements and will withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Steady tank rotation ensures high quality of welds

High Cost reduction comparing to traditional methods

  • Costs optimization – no onsite crane or scaffolding required
  • Less human workforce required to erect a tank
  • Comparing to traditional tank building methods, with Tank Building System you can save up to 50% of time required
  • Effective welding methods reduce welding materials usage