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Technical ladders

Technical ladders, bolted or welded, are used to ensure easy movement between levels of plants, halls or industrial, storage and commercial buildings. Made of stainless steel, our metal technical ladders are not only safe but also extremely durable.

Our metal technical ladders can be used on both industrial buildings and various technical constructions thanks to a TLC developed system of fixers and construction solutions.

Technical Ladders can be purchased directly from TLC. Get in touch to find out more.

Our stainless steel ladders are equipped with protection cages and anti-slip rungs.

There’s no need of specialized machines or elevators as the construction is light and easy to assemble.

Advantages of the Technical Ladder

  • Lightweight and modular construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy attaching to walls and constructions
  • Comfortable rungs intervals and ladder width
  • Small size
  • Protective cage
  • Use of stainless steel or galvanized steel
  • Anti-slip steps

Technical ladders