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Our container stairs can be used for any type of construction container, whether being used for social areas, offices, warehouses, or shipping containers. Their universality allows you to fully configure the stairs, even when there are three levels of containers. Additional elements, like landings and uprights, let you assemble a complete communication system on each level of the container. Thanks to their lightweight and modular construction, the installation of our container stairs is fast and easy. What’s more, the modular construction allows you to quickly adjust the stairs to each different containers’ configuration.

Container stairs and landings are available in steel versions with up to 2kN/m2 or 5kN/m2 maximum workload, as well as aluminum with up to 2kN/m2 maximum workload. All versions are filled with an embossed anti-skid metal sheet and the possibility of choosing either industrial or safe barriers. Additionally, with the steel version you can choose from 3 widths of the course – 1,000mm, 1,250mm (2kN) and 1.200mm (5kN).

Hot-dip galvanization, according to the EN ISO 1461/DIN 50976 standard, is our chosen anti-corrosion protection method, ensuring that every set of temporary stairs and container landings that leaves our production hall is safe and long-lasting.

Well thought-out solutions ensure safe assembly and disassembly, and quality research and production in a certified production hall are a guarantee of this high product quality.

Key features of our container stairs:

  • container stairs are designed according to EN ISO 14122-3 and EN 12811-1 standards
  • the stairs are available in two steel-made versions with 2kN/m2 and 5kN/m2 maximum workload, and an aluminum one with 2kN/m2 maximum workload
  • various widths of steel course: 1,000mm, 1,250mm (2kN/m2 version) and 1,210mm (5kN/m2 version)
  • compatible with multiple types of storage / shipping container
  • static calculations based on Eurocodes were conducted by a renowned Austrian company, GBD ZT GmbH
  • steps and landings are filled with anti-skid metal sheets
  • modular system allows for quick assembly and easy transport (the system requires little space)
  • numerous possible configurations are possible according to the customers’ needs and the size of the containers
  • fast and easy assembly and disassembly without losing performance values
  • durable and resistant to weather conditions thanks to hot-dip galvanization
  • stairs produced by a certified production hall according to EN 1090 standard issued by TÜV SÜD Polska no. 2527
  • any number of container stairs can be rented for a time settled by a lessee (rental)

Container Stairs are available to buy directly from us. Please get in touch to find out more.




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temporary container stairs
temporary container stairs
temporary container stairs
temporary container stairs
temporary container stairs
temporary container stairs
temporary container stairs