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temporary access stair

temporary access system

A safe solution that makes a great alternative to usually used, makeshift wooden structures. Modularity and universal purpose allows to use the system wherever there is a need of safe overcoming small and significant level differences.

Their main advantage is the possibity of safe, repeated assembly without loosing its performance properties. The stairs are available in steel and aluminum version. Additionally, they have smooth angle regulation for better adjustment to required conditions. In order to increase visibility at the construction site, handrails are painted in yellow.

Main advantages of our temporary access stair system are:

  • As temporary stairs to overcome small and significant level differences of various pitches (excavations banks, building tiers)
  • As temporary gangways (excavations at road and construction works, trenches)
  • As staircases to overcome significant level differences (buildings, deep foundation excavations e.g. underground parking lots)
  • As a step-over platform to overcome small obstacles like walls or pipelines
  • As scaffolding stairs – TAS stairs equipped with special chucks make it possible to assemble the stairs on scaffold systems.



TAS stairs made of steel are a solid construction of multiple possible uses. Establish a safe communication route for the construction workers at your investment / realisation.



Aluminum version of the TAS system weights less but maintains the durability and safety characteristics of their steel version.



Temporary staircases are made of steel frames and steel TAS stairs.

This temporary construction helps to overcome level differences where stairs are too short or too unstable to use.