Innovative Tank Building Equipment

The NORDWELD TANK BUILDING SYSTEM AB is a partnership company of TLC Group. The company creates new on-site equipment designed for the rotating and mechanized erection of steel tanks with a diameter of up to 50 meters, and a mass weight capacity of up to 600 metric tons.

The equipment is completely modular and allows for quick building of the tank by using the top down method of construction. All welding and assembly process of outer shell plates is made from one location by rotating the Tank which helps to improve welds and reduce the production costs comparing to traditional methods. The entire system comes delivered directly to the customer in a standard international transport container.

Experience and technical knowledge accumulated through 30 years of activity in the construction of large-size steel tanks, are reflected in the equipment manufactured by NORDWELD. Additionally we pay a lot of attention to the choice of suppliers to work with and the highest quality materials to work on. All system components have all necessary features to work in difficult conditions.

Nordweld TBS offers quick delivery of the system to the investment site and consultancy services throughout the entire steel tank installation period. Thanks to our experience and the high quality of the product, you not only save time but also optimize the tank construction process.

Tank Erection – list of erection stages

  1. Place the annular and bottom plates at the foundation.
  2. Place the equipment at the bottom plates.
  3. Place the 1st course including the top ring.
  4. Assemble the roof construction.
  5. Assemble lift jacks and lift the 1st course including the roof.
  6. Assemble the 2nd course at ground level from one location.
  7. Repetition of the procedures until reaching the required height.

Transport and service

  • Fast delivery & simple transport logistics direct to any global location in a 20ft transport container.
  • All work is done from one central location at ground level and can be performed in very limited workspaces.
  • Welding is made from one location, as well inside as outside the tank (system equipped in the welding station which protect from environmental conditions influence)
  • Tank turning during welding, possibility of welding speed regulation depending on welding method (125-1500mm / min);
  • Various welding options: MIG / MAG, TIG, PAW, EGW, SAW;
  • Mechanized butt welding of horizontal joints;
  • Mechanized grinding of joint surface (brushing);
  • All the plates (tank tracts) are loaded from one place with using of wheel loader
  • All Welding inspections can be made directly from a central base location
Nordweld-TLC-rendering 1


  • Products confirmed with certificate of Factory Production Control with EN 1090 issued by TÜV SÜD
  • All parts of the system are made of high quality materials. They meet all necessary International safety requirements & is designed to work in all tough environmental conditions
  • the highest quality of welds thanks to steady tank rotating

High Cost reduction comparing to traditional methods

  • costs optimization – no onsite crane required and all prior scaffolding
  • lower number of the tank constructing crew
  • High efficiency – 50% reduced working time when compared to traditional tank building methods.
  • effective welding methods which help to reduce welding materials usage