Project Skymningen – external industrial stairs.

We have the opportunity to create many unique projects around the world. However, there are projects that stand out from the rest. One of them is Skymningen. 

We delivered our external industrial stairs and spiral stairs to the newly created Skymningen apartment building, located in Lund (Sweden). The communication route that was created meets the highest standards of use. In both types of stairs, the steps are filled with an plank grating. Additionally, we used a children-safe railing in straight stairs and a PINNARÄCKE railing in a spiral stairs. All elements have been protected against corrosion.

The building has both flats for rent, commercial premises and offices. Each of them has a patio or balcony. Architecturally, Skymningen is a modern complex which fits perfectly into the landscape of Lund.


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Below you can wach photos from realization.