Our partnership with Mlode Smoki: supporting sports talents

In our commitment to the development of young talents, we present a summary of our sponsorship collaboration with the sports group Mlode Smoki. In 2023, we once again provided financial support to the Smoki, enabling them to purchase sports and rehabilitation equipment, a crucial factor in unlocking the potential of young athletes.

The Mlode Smoki group has achieved remarkable successes this year, including:


-Best Team Title

-1st place in 4x300m MIX Relay – Championship Record with Kacper Kędzior, Natalia Nowak, Patrycja Dragow, Igor Staszek

-1st place in 60m by Nicola Dutka Wołoch – Championship Record, Best Female Athlete in 2011

-1st place in 60m by Jan Rosa – Best Male Athlete in 2012

-1st place in 300m by Igor Staszek

-2nd place in 4x60m girls’ relay with Nicola Dutka Wołoch, Roksana Gałka, Roxana Wójciak, Justyna Kania

-2nd place in 60m by Igor Staszek

-3rd place in 100m hurdles by Kacper Kędzior

-3rd place in shot put by Jan Rosa

Individual achievements include Jakub Olejniczak’s Vice World Championship for Students (Summer Universiade) in the 4x400m Relay in Chengdu, and his Vice Polish Senior Championship in the 400m hurdles. Nicola Dutka Wołoch set two records: the Polish U14 record in 300m hurdles and the Polish U14 record in 80m hurdles. She also earned the title of Champion of Thursday Athletics in 60m.

Coach Radosław Czyż’s achievements with the Mlode Smoki:

-Three-time Indoor Masters World Championship: 400m, 4x200m relay, 4x200m Mix relay

-Two-time Indoor Polish Championship: 400m, 200m; four Indoor Polish Masters records: 400m, 300m, 4x200m, 4x200m Mix

-Indoor World Record in the 4x200m Mix relay

-Two-time European Masters Championship: 400m hurdles, 4x400m relay in Pescara

In addition to the mentioned successes, Mlode Smoki have many other titles and achievements. We are delighted to support their continued development and inspire them to achieve further records. In Małopolska, Mlode Smoki are undoubtedly one of the best teams and stand out prominently across the country. You can follow their achievements in real-time on Instagram @MLODESMOKI or @radczyz.

For more information about our charitable, pro-environmental, and sponsorship activities, visit https://www.intertlc.co.uk/eco/.