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Steel staircases

Steel staircases are a vital part of almost every building and can be found on most of the construction sites.

When it comes to the construction industry, you can find two basic types of staircases:

  • exterior steel staircases
  • interior steel staircases


  • They are the quickest and the easiest way to relocate between levels
  • Lower risk of failure than when using an elevator
  • Metal staircases with high aesthetics is an attractive architectural element
  • The system staircase ensures easy installation and, therefore, the object will be ready to use much faster
  • Comparing to standard concrete solutions, steel staircases are much cheaper to manufacture and maintain

For step fillings and steel structures we use various types of materials. The most commonly used are S235 and S355 steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Importing steel from proven and global steel suppliers, our products are characterized by the highest quality. Great quality and durability of the paint coating is guaranteed by our own powder paint shop. With TLC projects we use: double T-bars, channels, hollow sections, flat bars, sheets, trapezoidal sheets, cellular beams, rods, round tubes, square tubes, etc.

Proven and innovative solutions can be found in a wide range of elements – from standard stair steps (with welded grating) to innovative railings (children-safe and industrial) and structural connections – all being developed in our design department. We want our products to be safe and durable, yet of very high quality and attractive price – and our customers appreciated it.


Steel staircases produced by TLC group are made in accordance with Polish and global standards. In Poland, applicable is the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure on technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location, for industrial access stairs applicable is the standard PN ISO-14122 – Safety of machinery – Permanent means of access to machinery – Part 1-4. Reliability and safety of the structure of staircases – is one of the main design criteria.

  • PN-EN_1990_2004: Basics of structural design
  • PN-EN-1991-1-2 (2006) – Effects on structures. Effects on structures exposed to fire
  • PN-EN-1993-1-2 (2007) – Design of steel structures. Calculation of the structure due to fire conditions
  • PN-EN 1992 Eurokod 2: Design of concrete structures.
  • EOTA – 11/0014 – Sika Unitherm Platinum
  • ECCS N89 – Euro nomogram – Fire Resistance of steel structures
  • Access Steel – Guidelines for the design of steel structures

Basic requirements for structural reliability were formulated by the Minister of Infrastructure on technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location. According to these, structures and structural components should be designed to:

  • resist to actions that may occur during construction and operation
  • behave properly in normal conditions of operation
  • maintain structural integrity in the event of an accident such as fire, explosion, or local damage.

These requirements should be met within an expected period of operation of the structure, thus steel staircases should be designed and maintained in an environment in which they operate so that they met the following conditions:

  • staircases have an appropriate fire resistance, i.e. a decrease in the material strength characteristics, e.g. due to a high temperature, should not result in changes in technical or operational parameters of the structure, inter alia loss of carrying capacity
  • production of staircases generates low consumption of materials, energy, and a low labour intensity
  • staircases minimize the consequences of failures from the point of view of human life and health, such as earthquakes, fires, weather conditions

Steel staircase


We will design your stairs – our construction and design department will prepare a 3D visual to the customer for approval. Then, the durability calculations are made and the product goes to the production hall. We want to meet every requirement of our customers.

Assembly of the steel stairs and staircases can be made with bolts or profile connections to the walls, or it is a self-supporting construction with square columns. Our design team minimises the use of external brackes, buildings or supports. Steps are mounted with anchors. Fillings are attached with distance connectors.

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Types of stairs

Straight stairs
Straight stairs
Bifurcated stairs
Bifurcated stairs
Quarter turn stairs
Quarter turn stairs
Half turn stairs
Half turn stairs
Double winder stairs
Double winder stairs
Three quarter turn stairs
Three quarter turn stairs
Wading stairs
Wading stairs
Spiral stairs
Spiral stairs