Iceland. Steel staircase for a storage tank

Steel staircase for a storage tank is yet another realisation made by us for an Icelandic client. We have made our first presence on the island a few years ago, when we delivered technical stairs while a geothermal power plant had been built.

The delivered staircase have been designed, made and delivered by TLC. Durable construction ensures safety of use, while simple designe promoted easy assembly – a team from Iceland had no problem assembling it.

Technical data of the storage tank staircase:

Material Steel S235, hot dip galvanised
Height 17011 mm
Usable width 800 mm
Platform dimensions 1800 x 800 mm
Railing type Industrial, on both sides
Steps and platforms filling Welded platform grating
Maximum workload 2kN/m2
Execution class IEXC2 (acc. to EN 1090)

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