Structural Steel Products


Find out about some of the other structural steel products that we offer below:

Industrial stairsINDUSTRIAL STAIRS

Industrial stairs – we use this term when talking about our lightweight steel stair structures and even integrated staircases of various design and construction. These are commonly individually-designed and then used in storage, production, or logistic halls, as well as inside and outside of industrial halls and buildings.

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ASTA stands for unique and smart stairs. These are one of the top modular stair kits in the market, loved for adjustable step height which allows the stairs to be easily fit to any height. The modules and treads for ASTA can be easily installed, reassembled and extended by adding extra modules, or even replaced. All of these options make ASTA a stylish and perfect solution either for indoor or outdoor stairs.

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wallzip systemWALLZIP

We designed Wallzip to address the market need for a system which would allow for the construction of diaphragm walls. We therefore designed these discrete panels which we are confident will meet the expectations of the most demanding users. Our Wallzip discrete panels are available in 3 basic lengths: 6, 9 and 12 meters. For extra flexibility, elements can be connected together to achieve the required length. The variety of different panel widths that we offer allows for them to be used for all types of excavation.

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We have partnered with NORDWELD TBS to offer a new on-site system for the rotating and mechanized erection of steel tanks with diameters of up to 50 meters, and a mass weight capacity of up to 600 metric tons. Nordweld is a completely modular system, allowing for the tank to be built using a top down method of construction.

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