Uznam-Wolin tunnel construction site organised using SMART hoarding fences

A tunnel construction under Świna strait is one of the most important investment in Świnoujście, Poland. Our reliable SMART hoarding fences have been used to fence the area around the construction site.

It is a vital step towards efficient vehicle communication between Uznam and Wolin islands, which are now connected with time-worn ferries. What’s more, during difficult weather conditions, Świnoujście, a city located on three islands, is cut off from the main land causing danger to its residents. The tunnel is supposed to fix all these problems.

Temporary fences made by TLC have been used to fence the area not directly connected with tunnelling – apart from the tunnel, there is additional infrastructure being prepared, like access roads, vehicle manoeuvre are or crossroads and a roundabout.

SMART full fences are one of the most popular fences used at huge and long investments as they reduce the harmful effects on the surrounding – that is dust and noise.

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