Uruguay. Nordweld Tank Building System is being prepared for transport.

Nordweld Tank Building System once again will help with the investment in South America.

We have quite often been in Brasil, where investors hired our system to erect storage tanks faster and cheaper than when using traditional method. Most of the built tanks are now used to store orange juice.

Our next project are high capacity storage tanks in Uruguay. How does it look in numbers?

  • We have packed 250 tons of equipment;
  • We will build 11 tanks from stainless and carbon steel
  • Along with the equipment, 16 welders will go the Uruguay;
  • The investment begins in November 2020;
  • Approximate realisation time: 6 months.

Of course our specialists will be present on-site to supervise the project and make sure that the equipment is used properly.

It is also worth noticing, that the system elements are being organized on special racks which makes putting the system inside / pulling it out of the container much easier – with forklifts.

If you don’t know what Nordweld Tank Building System is about and why it’s worth to start cooperating, visit the company page.