Uruguay – construction of 11 steel tanks

In 2020 the Nordweld Tank Building System started a project to build 11 carbon and stainless steel tanks with a maximum volume of 5700 m3.
The facilities were built off the coast of South America in Montevideo – one of the largest ports in the world.

Nordweld – a company that is an integral part of the TLC Group, has developed an innovative system for the fast and optimized construction of tanks. The mechanism of the devices allows you to rotate and automatically weld them.

Additionally, the resulting silos were equipped with storage tank stairs with non-slip steps. The resulting communication system is primarily intended to ensure the safety of users.
We treat the end of the project, which was a challenge for us, as a success. We must admit that creating in such an exotic environment gives us even more satisfaction.

We invite you to view the gallery and visit the website https://www.nordweld.eu/