Toyota/Lexus dealership – Mobile Protection Systems for Construction Sites in Krakow, Poland

Investment: Toyota/Lexus dealership
Kraków, Poland
ASO MR Sp. z o. S.K.
General contractor:
TLC Group products: SMART hoarding feces, Edge Protection System, TAS stairs and staircases
Scope of work: Rental, delivery, assembly
Beginning date: Q3 2018
End date: Q3 2019

TLC Group products once again support Cracow’s investments. As we have informed a few months ago, WALLZIP system from TLC has been used to build diaphragm walls, about which you can read here.

During the current stage of the investment, we have delivered almost 117 running meters of SMART hoarding fences, temporary stairs and staircases, as well as the Edge Protection System that is used in an uncommon way.

Toyota/Lexus dealership is located on an area of one hectare, and will exhibit 20 Toyota and 20 Lexus cars. Apart from that, clients will be able to benefit from a used-cars dealers and a complete car servicing park.

The end of the investment is planned for Q3 2019.