TLC staircases – Germany

The fundamental basis of each project that we implement is ensuring the safety of users. There is no place for mistakes here. That is why we make every effort to ensure that the final effect meets all standards.

TLC staircases are designed to connect the storeys of the building. Appropriate anti-corrosion protection makes them resistant to weather conditions, which allows them to function as external stairs.

An important element influencing the safety of use is the use of an appropriate barrier, which serves as protection against falling down the stairs. When we planning the installation of communication for a building, we have to remember about appropriate fire protection. More about fire stairs can be found in the emergency stairs tab.

The use of staircases allows for:

  • reducing the risk of failure than when using the elevator
  • optimization of investment costs in relation to classic concrete solutions
  •  quick assembly – ensuring shortening of the facility’s readiness time.

External metal stairs by TLC meet the global standards:

  • PN-EN_1990_2004: Basics of structural design
  • PN-EN-1991-1-2 (2006) – Effects on structures. Effects on structures exposed to fire
  • PN-EN-1993-1-2 (2007) – Design of steel structures. Calculation of the structure due to fire conditions
  • PN-EN 1992 Eurokod 2: Design of concrete structures.
  • EOTA – 11/0014 – Sika Unitherm Platinum
  • ECCS N89 – Euro nomogram – Fire Resistance of steel structures
  • Access Steel – Guidelines for the design of steel structures

Staircases are a cheaper and safe way to create a communication inside or outside the building.

Below, the implementation in Germany, which also shows that a properly designed staircase can be an interesting architectural element.

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