TLC Received 2nd Place for ‘Employer – Safe Workplace Organizer’ Award

On the 25th occasion that the Polish National Labour Inspectorate awarded employers for looking after the safety, health and life of their employees, TLC Group were very happy to receive one of the accolades.

During the gala, which took place on October 17th 2018 in Kraków’s Biały Prądnik manor house, TLC  received second place for the Employer – Safe Workplace Organizer award.

Companies, which took part in the contest, were subjected to a detailed analysis of their working hours, risk prevention strategies, salary systems, health and safety procedures and the frequency and seriousness of accidents.

According to the organizers, the aim of the contest is to promote employers who put a lot of effort into ensuring the highest possible safety standards and making sure their employee’s health is secured, and those employers who follow labour law regulations.

TLC Group, by implementing the newest technologies and management systems and by putting a lot of effort into eliminating dangers, received 2nd place in the 51-250 employees category.

This award strengthens TLC’s image as an employer who values a friendly and safe working environment.