TLC Group does not stand still. We are constantly improving our products with new solutions as in case of MOBILT RC CB mesh fences, or the new version of CITY guardrails, seeking highly-qualified personnel of specialists and engineers, as well as thinking about new, out-of-the-box campaigns.

We are extremely happy to announce, that we have become the official partner of Runmageddon – the company that organizes extreme runs with obstacles in Poland and abroad. What counts most during the run is the strength of body and character. Runmageddon requires plenty of self-discipline, endurance, agility and ability to work in teams.

The idea of these extreme runs correspond to TLC Group’s policy – we focus on ambitious employees with strong characters forming  teams, which eventually translates into company’s success.

How the cooperation will look like?

Our products will not only be used to fence the run area, but also as obstacles! Additionally, the participants will find our sales representatives in the special TLC corner. Make sure to follow TLC Group’s Facebook fanpage to stay up to date.

We can’t wait to attend the first event – Winter Runmageddon in Warsaw on February 29th, 2020. Hope to see you there!