Mobile Protection Systems for Construction Sites available in Lithuania

As TLC Group, we believe that the high quality of our products and our constant growth are the principal contributing factors that will help us achieve our goals.

One of these goals is to reach new corners of the world with our products. And sure enough, our protection systems for steel constructions and mobile construction sites can be found across Europe, as well as in the USA and Mexico. We have 6 co-partnerships in Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom, and a great number of distributors. The latter was recently expanded with a Lithuanian company Transrifus.

Transrifus have been present on the market since 2002. Their broad offering of construction site equipment (rental and sales), such as forklifts, warehouse equipment and scaffoldings, was recently expanded with TLC’s Edge Protection System, Temporary Access Stairs System, CITY Guardrails, Container Stairs and plastic PVC (HDPE) barriers.

We are happy that our mobile protection systems for construction sites are appreciated abroad. High quality and strict security measures, which we require from our products, are our finest trademark.