The biggest investment since the establishment of TLC Group – construction works of our own galvanizing plant are about to begin.

The preparation works for the biggest investment ever undertaken by the TLC Group will soon be over. The construction works over TLC galvanizing plant with logistics center will begin in May 2021, and within a year the project will influence our operations and possibilities of all TLC Group companies.

TLC galvanizing plant with logistics center will be located near our production plant in Gorlice, Poland. Apart from the galvanizing hall that will have over 4,334 m2 of area, there is also place for supplementary infrastructure like office / social and storage buildings, security or parking lot.  The galvanizing zinc bath will have 7 x 1,6 x 3,3 m dimensions – its size will cover all TLC Group needs – and will provide modern galvanizing technology allowing for cheaper, more efficient and precise galvanization of steel structures manufactured at our company.

Why is this project so important to us?

  • The galvanizing plant will boost the realization of clients’ orders as there will be no need to transport structures to distant galvanizing plants.
  • The project will help stimulate the region and offer new workplaces.
  • With dimensions of the galvanizing zinc bath that we planned, we will be able to offer services to other companies of similar profile and galvanization needs.

Make sure to check out the gallery that present the Galvanizing Plant project with logistics Packing center, and its nearest surrounding.