Temporary fence panels used during E59 railroad redevelopment works

The representatives of PKP (Polish State Railways), have signed a contract that includes the modernisation of yet another railroad between Poznań and Szczecin, Poland. The scope of work includes the redevelopment of railway platforms (with adjustment for the disabled), changing the tracks and the contact system. It is a huge investment that covers the following train stations at the E59 railway – Baborówko, Szamotuły, Wronki and Pamiątkowo.

We have delivered a lot of temporary protection systems for construction sites, including CITY guardrails, MOBILT S temporary mesh panels and universal TAS temporary stairs (which have also been used as a temporary gangway).

The main aim of the investment is to provide a better travel time, increased safety and trafficability performance – passengers will be able to travel with the speed of 160 km/h. The entire investment is co-financed by the European Union as the part of the union-wide project that aims to increase the mobility between EU countries and availability of the labour market.