Realization of project in Sweden

Designing external stairs requires a lot of detail. Already at the concept stage, their functionality and durability should be taken care of, because they are particularly exposed to wether conditions. These metal structures often act as emergency stairs.

We present one of our projects in Sweden – construction of external stairs for Olofshöjd.

Project specification:

  • Total height of the stairs is 6420mm
  • Total length of the stairs 20740 mm
  • Step dimension 1000mm x 290mm
  • Filling the steps – welded grating
  • Platforms dimensions: 1000mm x 290mm, 100mm x 3595mm and 100mm x 3510mm

Additionally, install a children safe railing. On the side of the wall, at the customer’s request, was installed only inner handgrip.

The external stairs have been hot-dip galvanized coating as per ISO PN-EN 1461. This treatment guarantees the product’s resistance to weather conditions.

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