New TLC design office at the headquarters in Gorlice

The TLC Construction and Technology Department is constantly growing and developing. In just two years, the number of people employed raised three times. The Research and Development Department has been distinguished from its structures, whose main activity is optimization of products and creation of innovative construction and technological solutions in newly designed products.
In the TLC Construction and Technology Department all of employees have a university degree in construction with specialization – steel constructions. We focus on young people who, in cooperation with more experienced staff, quickly acquire the necessary experience. Thanks to this employment model, we create a well-coordinated team whose creativity and comprehensive knowledge allows us to develop and improve our products continuously. We provide our clients the implementation of commissioned projects as well as professional technical advice and assistance in adapting the product to the applicable regulations.
Our employees, in cooperation with the provider constantly improve the software, matching the company’s needs and individual, non-standard orders. Accuracy, precision and timeliness is a priority in this company’s department.
The visualization below presents the new office of our constructors.
The TLC as a company attaches great importance to the safety and functionality of its products, that’s why we want our employees to work in modern, safe and comfortable spaces. The room is already prepared for the furniture arrangement and this month there will be created projects of industrial stairs, container stairs, technical ladders or steel platforms.