Midsommar – the most important festival in Sweden – and it begins today!

On our website we usually present realisations with our products in their natural, construction site environment. As a Swedish-Polish TLC Group, we would like to tell you a little about the most important Swedish festival – Midsommar.

The festival celebrations are connected to the Midsummer Day, which takes place between 21 and 22 of June when the White Nights are present over Scandinavia – the time of year when the sun doesn’t completely go down at night leaving enough light to let people read without artificial source of light.

This years’ Midsommar is celebrated on 20th June, with the Swedes beginning the festival today. Traditinally, the are setting up flowery poles, and decorating buildings and cars with fresh flowers and green twigs.

We are also celebrating Midsummer Day in Poland, but the festival is not as important as to the Swedes – for them, it is the announcement of summer which is very short in Scandinavian region.

The roots of the festival, both in Sweden and Poland, can be found in pagan times, when the beginning of summer was a time of magic and natural forces waking up. The Swedes were gathering morning dew as it was supposed to have healing effects, they were predicting future from flowers and dancing around festive tree to gather energy and power for long autumn and winter evenings.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 pandemic, traditional way of celebrating the festival will have a more low-key character..

We wish all our Swedish clients, partners, friends and co-workers all the best!