Asta 700 – stairs for houses 35 m2

ASTA stairs is a modular system that guarantees easy and quick creation of a communication route at home. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we have decided to introduce a new version of ASTA to the market.

ASTA 700 is an offer for owners of tiny houses. The system fits perfectly into rooms with limited usable space. The stairs are therefore used both in 35m2 houses and in traditional construction – wherever we have a limited space.

In the new version, ASTA metal stairs are still a guarantee of safe use and easy assembly.

The stairs can be used as access to the garage, basement or terrace. Thanks to anti-corrosion protection, the ASTA system will be perfect as external stairs. Depending on the effect we want to achieve, we can choose from 5 types of railings (without filling, with filling, 4mm lines, 12mm tubes, safe railings). In modular stairs for tiny houses, you can use indoor laminated timber (beech) – as a steps filing or decide on base for the Customer’s board.

The ASTA 700 system, like its original version, has a base of landings mounted on brackets or supports.

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