Guardrail CITY

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CITY barricade fences are crowd control barriers created for short-term protection of various events as well as to separate designated areas. CITY barricades can be also used as supports for construction fences.

The main features of the CITY security barrier system are:

  • Solid construction ensuring long-term use
  • Handle in the middle of the filling which provides easy assembly and carrying
  • Stability thanks to a wide base
  • Special hooks guaranteeing the safety of use and preventing unauthorized opening of the barriers
  • Lighter versions available –  “Light” and “Mesh” – which can reduce storing space by up to 25%

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Barricade Fences CITY Standard

Dedicated for difficult operating conditions. Solid construction provide the highest durability and resistance against mechanical damage and corrosion.
guardrail City standard


Dedicated for lighter operating conditions, a good compromise between weight and usability.



The lightest temporary barrier which meet all usage safety regulations.


WHY Choose CITY Guardrails?

CITY temporary barriers are perfect for party and outdoor events as security barriers, separating the audience from the stage. They can also be used as crowd control barriers during various types of mass events where it is necessary to cut off some parts of street traffic.

The CITY security barrier works well when there is a need for a short-term separation of an area such as at a construction or renovation works, although it may also be a support for other types of fences. City barriers are very easy to transport, assemble and disassemble. You do not need employees with special qualifications to assemble them. These high quality metal barriers are resistant to mechanical damage thanks to having the best available material, and additional corrosion protection which keeps steel barriers in perfect conditions for many years.