Technical Ladders


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Technical ladders are welded or bolted constructions intended to overcome differences in levels in plants, halls, as well as industrial, storage and commercial buildings. Hot dip galvanized, powder coated, also in warning colors. They can also be made of stainless steel.

The TLC’s standard allows for implementation of ladders both in industrial buildings as well as in various kinds of technical constructions that are not buildings. Developed system of mounting and structural solutions ensures the appropriate use of the product in all conditions.

Steel ladders use protective cages and anti-slip rungs to ensure safety.

The lightness of the construction ensures easy and quick assembly without the need for using specialized machines and elevators using modular constructions.


Advantages of the Technical Ladder

  • Lightweight construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Smart mounting to walls and constructions
  • Comfortable spacing of rungs and width of the ladder
  • Small size
  • Protective cage
  • Use of stainless steel or galvanized steel
  • Anti-slip steps
  • Modular construction
Technical ladders